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Date Type of event Title Organized by
Mon 30.11.2020 Meeting December Meeting - Social online get-together (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-11-02Mon 02.11.2020 Meeting November Meeting (Registration Mandatory) (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-11-01Sun 01.11.2020 Hike, 1 day Autumn walk in the outer Vienna Woods: Schöpfl (highest hill peak in the Vienna Woods) (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
Sat 24.10.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Haidsteig (T3 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-10-18Sun 18.10.2020 Hike, 1 day Myrafälle & Steinwandklamm (T1 K2) Ivan Trpkov
2020-10-17Sat 17.10.2020 Hike, 1 day Easy Wienerwald hike: Neuwaldegg - Sofienalpe - Hadersdorf (T1 K1) Judith
2020-10-17Sat 17.10.2020 Hike, 1 day Over the Rax - Linear Bus-travaganza (T2 K3) Jake Watson
2020-10-10Sat 10.10.2020 Hike, 1 day Schneeberg, Weichtalklamm (T2 K3) Alessio Mastrucci
2020-10-05Mon 05.10.2020 Meeting October Meeting (Registration Mandatory) (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-10-03Sat 03.10.2020 Hike, 2 days Traunstein, Naturfreundensteig (T3 K2) Roger Starkie
Sun 27.09.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) OTK Steig (T3 K1) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-09-20Sun 20.09.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Ferrata season opening (sic!) (T3 K1) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-09-11Fri 11.09.2020 Hike, 2 days Hochstuhl (T2 K3) Ivan Trpkov
2020-09-07Mon 07.09.2020 Meeting September Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-09-05Sat 05.09.2020 Hike, 2 days Grosser Priel (T2 K3) Ivan Trpkov
2020-09-05Sat 05.09.2020 Hike, 1 day Novembergrat, Schneeberg (T3 K2) Roger Starkie
Fri 28.08.2020 Hike, 2 days Grimming Südost Grat (Climbing 2+) (T3 K3) Roger Starkie
2020-08-07Fri 07.08.2020 Hike (Hut Trek), 3+ days Hohe Tauern long weekend Fr-Mo (T2 K3) Emile Schenk
2020-08-03Mon 03.08.2020 Meeting August Meeting: Herrmann's Strandbar (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
Fri 31.07.2020 Hike, 2 days Gr Phyrgas/ Hallermauern (T2 K3) Katharina Wallner
2020-07-11Sat 11.07.2020 Bike Tour Bike trip from Melk to Krems *CANCELLED (weather)* (T1 K2) Judith
2020-07-11Sat 11.07.2020 Hike, 2 days 5 Mountain hike - Göller-Gippel-Obersberg *Cancelled (weather)* (T2 K3) Matej Zalar
2020-07-06Mon 06.07.2020 Meeting CANVELLED (Weather) BBQ at the New Danube (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-07-04Sat 04.07.2020 Hike, 2 days Hochtor - Gesäuse national park (T2 K2) Ivan Trpkov
Sat 27.06.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Klettersteig Hochlantsch (Sunshine Tours) (T2 K2) Christoph Velisek
2020-06-27Sat 27.06.2020 Course Basic Education on Rock and Ice (T2 K2) Martin Scherr
2020-06-26Fri 26.06.2020 Hike, 2 days Schneeberg Traverse with Overnight in Knofeleben (T2 K3) Roger Starkie
2020-06-13Sat 13.06.2020 Hike, 1 day Bärenschützklamm (T2 K3) Ivan Trpkov
2020-06-11Thu 11.06.2020 Bike Tour Mountain bike trip from Eggenburg to Retz (T0 K2) Zuzanna Brzozowska
2020-06-08Mon 08.06.2020 Meeting June Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-06-06Sat 06.06.2020 Hike, 1 day Schneealpe hike (T2 K3) Ivan Trpkov
Sat 30.05.2020 Hike, 1 day Up Hohe Wand & all the way to Puchberg (T2 K2) Katharina Wallner
2020-05-21Thu 21.05.2020 Bike Tour Bank holiday moderate MTB Weinviertel - Michelberg Runde (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
2020-05-17Sun 17.05.2020 Hike, 1 day Unusual way on Gamseck (T1 K3) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-05-16Sat 16.05.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Teufelsbadstubensteig (T2 K2) Ivan Trpkov
2020-05-09Sat 09.05.2020 Hike, 1 day Hohenstein traverse (T1 K2) Roger Starkie
2020-05-04Mon 04.05.2020 Meeting May Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
Sun 26.04.2020 Hike, 1 day Around the Lainzer Tiergarten hike (T1 K3) Judith
2020-04-25Sat 25.04.2020 Climbing-Outdoor easy climbing in Peilstein (T3 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-04-25Sat 25.04.2020 Course Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) 2 day course (T2 K2) Christoph Velisek
2020-04-06Mon 06.04.2020 Meeting April Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-04-04Sat 04.04.2020 Hike, 2 days Kieneck 2 Day Hike (T1 K3) Roger Starkie
2020-04-04Sat 04.04.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Ferrata practice on OTK Steig (and optionally Blutspur) (T3 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
Sat 28.03.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Ferrata season opening practice (suitable for beginners) (T2 K1) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-03-22Sun 22.03.2020 Hike, 1 day Spring hike in Male Karpaty - cancelled, will be postponed (T1 K2) Michaela Potancokova
2020-03-15Sun 15.03.2020 Hike, 1 day Bärlauch hike - CANCELLED (T1 K1) Judith
2020-03-08Sun 08.03.2020 Ski Tour, 1 day Skitour at Präbichl plus (optional) on piste skiing (T2 K1) Kristin Zimmermann
2020-03-02Mon 02.03.2020 Meeting March Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-03-01Sun 01.03.2020 Hike, 1 day Speckbacherhuette revisited - Semmering Railwaypath POSTPONED BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
Sat 22.02.2020 Hike, 1 day Starlight Starbright hike (T1 K1) Roger Starkie
2020-02-20Thu 20.02.2020 Course Skitouring Course (T2 K2) Michael Merstallinger
2020-02-14Fri 14.02.2020 Snowshoe, 2 days Snowshoe and Sauna Weekend - Hohentauern, Styria (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
2020-02-08Sat 08.02.2020 Hike, 1 day Winter hike on Schneeberg (T2 K3) Ivan Trpkov
2020-02-03Mon 03.02.2020 Meeting February Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-02-01Sat 01.02.2020 Course "Stop or Go" - Avalanche awareness (T2 K2) MIchael Merstallinger
Wed 29.01.2020 Course "Stop or Go" - Avalanche awareness - Preliminary Meeting/Theory Evening (T0 K0) MIchael Merstallinger
2020-01-26Sun 26.01.2020 Hike, 1 day Winter practice (T1 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-01-25Sat 25.01.2020 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe hike Jochart (T1 K2) Roger Starkie
2020-01-13Mon 13.01.2020 Meeting January Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-01-12Sun 12.01.2020 Hike, 1 day January Wienerwald Walk: Troppberg (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
2020-01-11Sat 11.01.2020 Course Avalanche Rescue Management Course (T1 K2) Thomas Baumgartner
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