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Date Type of event Title Organized by
Fri 14.02.2020 Snowshoe, 2 days Snowshoe and Sauna Weekend - Hohentauern, Styria (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
2020-02-08Sat 08.02.2020 Hike, 1 day Winter hike on Schneeberg (T2 K3) Ivan Trpkov
2020-02-03Mon 03.02.2020 Meeting February Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-02-01Sat 01.02.2020 Course "Stop or Go" - Avalanche awareness (T2 K2) MIchael Merstallinger
Wed 29.01.2020 Course "Stop or Go" - Avalanche awareness - Preliminary Meeting/Theory Evening (T0 K0) MIchael Merstallinger
2020-01-26Sun 26.01.2020 Hike, 1 day Winter practice (T1 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-01-25Sat 25.01.2020 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe hike Jochart (T1 K2) Roger Starkie
2020-01-13Mon 13.01.2020 Meeting January Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-01-12Sun 12.01.2020 Hike, 1 day January Wienerwald Walk: Troppberg (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
2020-01-11Sat 11.01.2020 Course Avalanche Rescue Management Course (T1 K2) Thomas Baumgartner
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