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Speckbacherhuette revisited - Semmering Railwaypath POSTPONED BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER on 01 March 2020

organized by Katharina Wallner  contact organizer

Title :
Speckbacherhuette revisited - Semmering Railwaypath POSTPONED BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER
Date :
Sun 01.03.2020
Type of event :
Hike, 1 day
Organized by :
Katharina Wallner
Description :

Hike/ Snowhike/ Snowshoe hike (will notify participants if snowshoes are required)

Start at Payerbach railway station, hike to Speckbacherhuette via Reichenau (different route): from there, walk down to Breitenstein, follow the Semmering railay path to Semmering (the Semmering railway has UNESCO world heritage status). This part of the walk feels more like a 'cultural walk' (easy paths, obviously less easy with plenty of snow and snowshoes) but offers some interesting close-up views of the railway bridge structures as well as includes some lovey vantage points (20-Schillingblick, Doppelreiterwarte). 

The path takes us to Semmering train station; from there, either take a walk round the old hotels and villas (e.g. Suedbahnhotel) or add a little summit (Pinkenkogel) - optional.

Approx. 5 1/2 hours to Semmering railway station; optional walks: ca. 1 - 2 hours in addition 

Public transport walk (total cost about 20 Euros WITH OeBB card, sorry - no Einfach Raus ticket). Car drivers: possible in theory, but it gets a bit complicated, as only a few trains stop at Payerbach train station (where you could leave your car) on the way back from Semmering - please check yourselves.

Technical requirements :
T1, I can move myself surefootedly on trails and narrow foot-paths
Physical requirements :
K2, 4-7 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
ca. 800 in total
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
sturdy, lugged hiking boots, gaiters, POSSIBLY SNOWSHOES (will email to all if so), snacks and drinks
Transport Details :

Train to Payerbach Reichenau, return to Vienna by train from Semmering (hourly fast trains).

Max participants :
Registration until :
Map :
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