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Date Type of event Title Organized by
Sun 07.01.2018 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe Rax (T2 K2) James Neuhaus
2018-01-07Sun 07.01.2018 Snowshoe, 1 day Winter practice in Rax (T2 K2) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-01-08Mon 08.01.2018 Meeting January Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-01-13Sat 13.01.2018 Course Avalanche Rescue Management Course (T1 K2) Thomas Baumgartner
2018-01-19Fri 19.01.2018 Ski Tour, 2 days Weekend Ski Touring in Gesäuse (T2 K3) Iñaki Rodríguez Lázaro
2018-01-25Thu 25.01.2018 Ski-Crosscountry Winter Activities for Beginners & Pros, 4 days or weekend (T1 K1) Olga Täubler
Sat 03.02.2018 Course Avalanche Awareness Course (T2 K2) Michael Merstallinger
2018-02-05Mon 05.02.2018 Meeting February Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-02-11Sun 11.02.2018 Hike, 1 day Out West in the Vienna Woods (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
2018-02-25Sun 25.02.2018 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe hike (T2 K2) Fionn Cleary
Sat 03.03.2018 Snowshoe, 2 days Snowshoe & Sauna Weekend - Linzerhaus/Wurzeralm (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
2018-03-05Mon 05.03.2018 Meeting March Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-03-11Sun 11.03.2018 Hike, 1 day Spring hike in the Wachau - FULL no more registrations (T1 K2) Emile Schenk
2018-03-25Sun 25.03.2018 Hike, 1 day Bärlauch Hike (T1 K1) James Neuhaus
Mon 09.04.2018 Meeting April Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-04-15Sun 15.04.2018 Hike, 1 day As hi as possible to Otter, 1358m (T2 K2) Emile Schenk
2018-04-22Sun 22.04.2018 Hike, 1 day Leithagebirge traverse - from Purbach to Eisenstadt (please read description below ...) (T1 K3) Katharina Wallner
2018-04-28Sat 28.04.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Gebirgsvereins - Klettersteig (T3 K1) Mateusz Zoltak
Sun 06.05.2018 Course Hike Leader Training Day (T2 K2) Christoph Velisek
2018-05-07Mon 07.05.2018 Meeting May Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-05-13Sun 13.05.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Heukuppe from the north (T2 K3) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-05-26Sat 26.05.2018 Course Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) 2-day Course (T2 K2) Christoph Velisek
Sun 03.06.2018 Bike Tour Bike trip around Neusiedler lake (destination changed) (T0 K2) Judith
2018-06-04Mon 04.06.2018 Meeting June Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-06-09Sat 09.06.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Totes Gebirge - Grosser Priel & Spitzmauer (2.5 days) (T3 K3) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-06-10Sun 10.06.2018 Hike, 1 day Würflach to Ternitz (T1 K2) Bob Williams
2018-06-15Fri 15.06.2018 Hike, 2 days 1 1/2 day hike - Knofeleben/ Schneeberg (T2 K2) Katharina Wallner
2018-06-16Sat 16.06.2018 Course Basic Education on Rock and Ice (T2 K2) Martin Scherr
2018-06-23Sat 23.06.2018 Hike, 1 day *CANCELLED* Easy Wienerwald hike to Anninger Schutzhaus (T1 K1) Judith
2018-06-24Sun 24.06.2018 Course First Aid in the Mountains (T1 K2) Ferdinand Hirss
Sun 01.07.2018 Hike, 1 day Traisental - Muckenkogel (T1 K2) Guenter Tuhy
2018-07-02Mon 02.07.2018 Meeting July Meeting: BBQ at the New Danube (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-07-08Sun 08.07.2018 Bike Tour Wachau cycling trip (T0 K2) James Neuhaus
2018-07-14Sat 14.07.2018 Hike, 2 days Slovenian classics: Prisojnik (2547m) and Mangart (2679m) (T3 K3) Matej Zalar
2018-07-22Sun 22.07.2018 Hike, 1 day Warm-up hike for the week long hike in the Wiener Hausberge (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
2018-07-28Sat 28.07.2018 Hike (Hut Trek), 3+ days Summer Hike - Kreuzeck+Hochschober Group, Week long hut-hut hike - fully booked (T2 K2) Roger Starkie/Emile Schenk
Sat 04.08.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) UPDATED Lienzer Dolomiten klettersteig weekend (T3 K3) Michaela Potancokova
2018-08-06Mon 06.08.2018 Meeting August Meeting: Rathausplatz (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
Sat 01.09.2018 Hike, 2 days POSTPONED DUE TO BAD WEATHERTwo-day-hike: Schneealpe to Rax (Preiner Gscheid) via Nasskamm: Saturday to Sunday (T3 K3) Katharina
2018-09-03Mon 03.09.2018 Meeting September Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-09-03Mon 03.09.2018 Meeting Knot club (T0 K0) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-09-09Sun 09.09.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Ferrata in Großes Höllental (T2 K3) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-09-16Sun 16.09.2018 Hike, 1 day Eisenerzer Reichenstein (T2 K3) Joshua and Sara Bagley
2018-09-22Sat 22.09.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Königschusswand Steig (T3 K3) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-09-28Fri 28.09.2018 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Ferrata practice on OTK steig (former HTL steig) (T3 K1) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-09-29Sat 29.09.2018 Hike, 2 days 2-day hike: Schneealpe - Zahmes Gamseck - Rax (T3 K3) Katharina Wallner
Mon 01.10.2018 Meeting October Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-10-01Mon 01.10.2018 Meeting Knot club (T0 K0) Mateusz Zoltak
2018-10-06Sat 06.10.2018 Hike, 2 days Dürrenstein - Ybbstalerhütte from Lunz am See (changed) (T2 K3) Emile Schenk
2018-10-10Wed 10.10.2018 Course Indoor climbing Courses (T0 K0) Matthew Harlock
2018-10-13Sat 13.10.2018 Hike, 1 day Easy Wienerwald hike to Anninger Schutzhaus + Offene Kellertür Gumpoldskirchen (T1 K1) Judith
2018-10-20Sat 20.10.2018 Hike, 1 day Autumn Hike in the Mürztal (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
Mon 05.11.2018 Meeting November Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-11-24Sat 24.11.2018 Hike, 1 day Wienerwald hike: Hoher Lindkogel (820m) from Soosz (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
Sat 01.12.2018 Hike, 1 day Glühweinmarathon 2018 - HIKE to Klosterneuburg (T1 K2) Christoph Seidlböck
2018-12-01Sat 01.12.2018 Cityhike Glühweinmarathon 2018 - SOCIALIZING in Klosterneuburg (NO HIKING) (T0 K0) Christoph Seidlböck
2018-12-03Mon 03.12.2018 Meeting December Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
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