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Glühweinmarathon 2018 - HIKE to Klosterneuburg on 01 December 2018

organized by Christoph Seidlböck  contact organizer

Title :
Glühweinmarathon 2018 - HIKE to Klosterneuburg
Date :
Sat 01.12.2018
Type of event :
Hike, 1 day
Organized by :
Christoph Seidlböck
Description :

We will take the train Saturday morning to Greifenstein.

From Greifenstein we hike to Tempelbergwarte (250hm, 1km, steep up, marked mud path)  and continue to Maria Gugging (+4km, 250hm down, mud path + forest road), where we have the chance to visit a Christmas Market for a short period of time.  Not far from there, in Kierling (+2km, 50hm down, mainly along the road), we have the chance to warm up and have lunch (optional) around noon at a local Heurigen.

After an hour or so we will ascend Buchberg (150hm up, +2km, mainly forest road) from where we gradually descend to Klosterneuburg (200hm down, 4km, mainly forest road).

The plan is to be at 4 pm in Klosterneuburg, given that the period of daylight is very short at this time of the year.

In Klosterneuburg we can enjoy two Christmas Markets, one at Klosterneuburg Rathausplatz and another one at Binderstadl/Stiftklosterneuburg.

To have group size that can a) be easily managed and b) is a size the heurigen can manage, this trip is limited to 15 pax. If you see it is fully booked and you want and can come along, register anyway! It is not sure yet but we work on a plan B for those who get on the waiting list.

IMPORTANT: when you register enter in the Notes field either "vegetarian" or "non-vegetarian" !

For those of you who cannot or don't want to join the hike but would like to join the Glühweinmarket in Klosterneuburg, register via the separate Trip Sheet ("Glühweinmarathon 2018 - SOCIALIZING in Klosterneuburg")

Technical requirements :
T1, I can move myself surefootedly on trails and narrow foot-paths
Physical requirements :
K2, 4-7 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
app. 600 m elevation gain, total walking time: app. 6 hours
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
Sturdy boots, the usual waterproof & warm clothing for winter conditions, smth warm to drink, snacks
Transport Details :

This trip is public transport only, as we start in Greifenstein but finish in Klosterneuburg.

Further details will be provided to participants.

Max participants :
Registration until :
Map :
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