Alpine Club Vienna: Hiking in Austria

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Hiking in Austria

We organize hiking and snowshoe events.

Come and join us.

The Alpine Club Vienna organizes hiking, climbing, ski and snowshoe events in Austria for English speaking people. We are a branch of the Alpine Federation OEAV, Section Austria.

We meet every first Monday of the Month at 7 pm at the Alpenvereinshaus, Rotenturmstr. 14, 1010 Vienna. Please come along! (no registration necessary)

We are not tour guides, and we offer our services for free. Each hike organizer shares his/her experience with you. The club is formed from 100% volunteers.

Next Meeting:  Monday 8th January 2018 at 7pm,
Alpenverein Austria, Rotenturmstrasse 14

New Year Celebration


Upcoming hikes:

Date Type of event Title Organized by
Sat 16.12.2017 Ski Tour First Ski Touring trip of the season (T2 K3) Iñaki Rodríguez Lázaro
Sun 07.01.2018 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe Rax (T2 K2) James Neuhaus
2018-01-08Mon 08.01.2018 Meeting January Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-01-13Sat 13.01.2018 Course Avalanche Rescue Management Course (T1 K2)
registration open
Thomas Baumgartner
2018-01-20Sat 20.01.2018 Ski Tour Ski Tour (T2 K2) Iñaki Rodríguez Lázaro
Sat 03.02.2018 Course Avalanche Awareness Course (T2 K2)
registration open
Michael Merstallinger
2018-02-05Mon 05.02.2018 Meeting February Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
Sun 04.03.2018 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe hike (T2 K2) Fionn Cleary
2018-03-05Mon 05.03.2018 Meeting March Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-03-11Sun 11.03.2018 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe day (T2 K2) Emile Schenk
2018-03-24Sat 24.03.2018 Ski Tour Ski Tour (T2 K2) Iñaki Rodríguez Lázaro
Mon 09.04.2018 Meeting April Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-04-22Sun 22.04.2018 Hike, 1 day As hi as possible (T2 K2) Emile Schenk
Mon 07.05.2018 Meeting May Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-05-26Sat 26.05.2018 Course Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) 2-day Course (T2 K2)
registration open
Christoph Velisek
Mon 04.06.2018 Meeting June Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2018-06-16Sat 16.06.2018 Course Basic Education on Rock and Ice (T2 K2)
registration open
Martin Scherr

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