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Hiking in Austria

We organize hiking and snowshoe events.

Come and join us.

Note about Corona Measures at ACV

As everyone is aware, extensive steps are being taken in Austria to slow down the spread of the Corona virus, and it is the responsibility of everyone to help in reducing the potential for infections. The ACV also takes this responsibility very seriously and is therefore cancelling or postponing all group activities with immediate effect until it is decided by the Austrian authorities that normal everyday life can resume.  Thank you for your understanding.

The Alpine Club Vienna organizes hiking, climbing, skiing, snowshoe and other outdoor events in Austria for our members. All the activities of the group take place in the English language.  We are a group within the Alpine Federation OEAV, Section Austria.

We meet every first Monday of the Month at 7 pm at the Alpenvereinshaus, Rotenturmstr. 14, 1010 Vienna. Please come along! (no registration necessary)

We are not tour guides, and most of our events are free of charge. Each hike organizer shares his/her experience with you. The club is formed from 100% volunteers.

Next Meeting*:  Monday 6th April 2020, 7pm, Rotenturmstrasse 14, 1010 Vienna, Rooms C+D Virtual Meeting Online

Presentation: Velebit Traverse (Croatia) by Michaela Potancokova

*Registration is required to obtain the link to join the meeting. Please see tripsheet for more details

Upcoming hikes:

Date Type of event Title Organized by
Sat 04.04.2020 Hike, 2 days Kieneck 2 Day Hike (T1 K3) Roger Starkie
2020-04-04Sat 04.04.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Ferrata practice on OTK Steig (and optionally Blutspur) (T3 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-04-06Mon 06.04.2020 Meeting April Meeting (T0 K0)
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Roger Starkie
2020-04-18Sat 18.04.2020 Hike, 1 day Hohe Wand spring hike - canceled (T1 K2) Ivan Trpkov
2020-04-25Sat 25.04.2020 Climbing-Outdoor easy climbing in Peilstein (T3 K2)
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Mateusz Żółtak
2020-04-25Sat 25.04.2020 Course Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) 2 day course (T2 K2)
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Christoph Velisek
2020-04-26Sun 26.04.2020 Hike, 1 day Around the Lainzer Tiergarten hike (T1 K3)
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Sun 03.05.2020 Climbing-Outdoor Hochgang Südwestgrat - an easy climb in Hollental (T3 K2) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-05-04Mon 04.05.2020 Meeting May Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-05-09Sat 09.05.2020 Hike, 1 day Hohenstein traverse (T1 K2)
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Roger Starkie
2020-05-10Sun 10.05.2020 Climbing-Outdoor Hochgang Südwestgrat - an easy climb in Hollental (T3 K2)
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Mateusz Żółtak
2020-05-16Sat 16.05.2020 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Teufelsbadstubensteig (T2 K2)
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Ivan Trpkov
2020-05-21Thu 21.05.2020 Hike (Hut Trek), 3+ days Karkonosze (T2 K3) Zuzanna Brzozowska
Sat 06.06.2020 Hike, 2 days Weekend in Schneealpe (T2 K3)
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Ivan Trpkov
2020-06-08Mon 08.06.2020 Meeting June Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-06-11Thu 11.06.2020 Hike (Hut Trek), 3+ days (up to) 12 ferratas in 4 days in Dachstein (T3 K3) Mateusz Żółtak
2020-06-20Sat 20.06.2020 Bike Tour Bike tour around the Neusiedler Lake with overnight stay in Hungary (T1 K2) Judith
2020-06-26Fri 26.06.2020 Hike, 2 days Schneeberg Traverse with Overnight in Knofeleben (T2 K3)
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Roger Starkie
2020-06-27Sat 27.06.2020 Course Basic Education on Rock and Ice (T2 K2) Martin Scherr
2020-06-28Sun 28.06.2020 Bike Tour Legendary discovery bike tour - Kreuzenstein castle (T1 K1)
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Ivan Trpkov
Sat 04.07.2020 Hike, 2 days Hochtor - Gesäuse national park (T2 K2)
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Ivan Trpkov
2020-07-06Mon 06.07.2020 Meeting BBQ at the New Danube (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2020-07-09Thu 09.07.2020 Hike (Hut Trek), 3+ days Long Weekend in Gran Sasso (T3 K2)
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Alessio Mastrucci & Fulvio Di Fulvio
Mon 03.08.2020 Meeting August Meeting: Rathausplatz (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
Sun 27.09.2020 Hike, 1 day "Stormy" Wienerwald Hike (T1 K2) Judith
Sat 17.10.2020 Hike, 1 day Easy Wienerwald hike + Offene Kellertür Gumpoldskirchen (T1 K1) Judith


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