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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

When and where does the club meet?

We meet every first Monday of the Month at 7 pm at the Alpenvereinshaus, Rotenturmstr. 14, 1010 Vienna. Please come along! (no registration necessary)


What is the club?

It is a group that has formed within the Austrian Alpine Association (Österreichischer Alpenverein or OeAV) with English as the main language. Do you know of someone who would like to be involved in the Alpine Club (OeAV), who speaks English? Please let them know that they -and you too- are welcome in our group!


What is the OeAV and do I need to be a member?

The OeAV is the main Alpine Association in Austria ("Alpenverein" in German). To join in our activities you need to be a member of the Alpenverein. A membership has many advantages, see here.


Why are we doing this?

Because we enjoy hiking in the mountains. Maybe our proficiency in German is not where we would like it to be. We support the Alpine Association.


What will we do?

Our main goal is to help individuals to become active in the Austrian mountains. We have a lot of events, see them all on this page:


Do I really have to speak English?

Mostly, yes. We have members from many countries all over the world so the common language is English. But of course it is not forbidden to speak any other language.

We currently have members from USA, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Venezuela, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia, Romania, Uzbekistan, Japan and Austria....


Do you only offer hikes?

We do mountain hikes, climbing, snowshoe hikes, ski touring, simpler hikes and occasionally simpler bike tours (on or off road).  We also run mountain related courses in the english language, for example avalanche courses, first aid, high alpine mountaineering ("Rock and Ice") and climbing courses. As these courses are run by qualified mountain guides, there is a fee for participation in the courses.


What are the hikes or other activities like?

Events are categorized into levels of difficulty and duration so you can choose something that fits your abilities. If you are unsure, feel free to contact the trip organiser.


What does it cost me?

Generally there is no fee to take part in any individual event (apart from the courses). Organisers may not demand a fee for the organisation. The only costs are the annual Alpenverein membership, and any general costs related to the event (e.g. transport, accommodation, food & drink, equipment hire etc). Note that as an Alpenverein member, you receive a 50% discount on the price of sleeping in the Alpenverein huts (also outside of Austria), and discounts in huts run by other mountain organisations (Naturfreunde, ÖTK).


What age are you?

Our members are generally between 25 and 60. So pretty sure you'll find somebody of your age. But anyone from the age of 18 upwards is welcome - and where suitable children under 18 are welcome to join when accompanied by a parent.


What equipment do I need?

Not sure what to bring? Check out a sample Gear List. What to take and what not to take is always a problem. Use this not as a rule but a guide. Just remember that others do not bring extra rain gear nor a spare walking stick.


I am only coming to Vienna for one semester. Can I get membership for just half a year?

Unfortunately not. The Alpenverein only offers membership for a whole calendar year. Students under 27 however do get a reduced membership rate. Please see our membership page for details. If you are only joining for 1 year, please remember to give notice of your intention to leave the Alpenverein in good time (before the end of September), otherwise your membership will be automatically extended.


How do you organize transport for the events?

It depends on the events. Some events can be reached with public transport. For other events we car-share, sharing the cost of the fuel. Sometimes it may be necessary for somebody to hire a car, as most of our members do not own a car. In this case the costs of the hire car are shared by all participants who are not travelling in their own cars. We appreciate it if people would indicate in the registration if they are able to organize and drive a hire car.  Transport details for individual events will be communicated by the trip organizer to the partipants.


Are you the VIC hiking club?

The VIC hiking club is the hiking club of the United Nations in Vienna and you need to be an employee of an international organisation to participate in their events. We, the Alpine Club Vienna, are a part of the Alpenverein in Austria and anyone can participate in our events.



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