Alpine Club Vienna: Hiking in Austria

Example gear list for a week long summer hike

Do not copy it blindly, think about what YOU really need.



  1. sturdy ankle-high hiking boots. One like this is a must-have.
  2. hiking socks, 2 pairs
  3. hiking trousers, zip-off legs
  4. spare trousers, light, for at night or when other trousers are wet
  5. underwear, 2-4
  6. hiking shirt, short or long sleeve, 2-3
  7. t-shirt for night, 1
  8. 2 extra layers, longsleeve - for example
    • microfleece
    • fleece
    • softshell
    • or merino
  9. rain jacket
  10. rain trousers (unless weather forecast is very good)
  11. gloves
  12. warm hat
  13. headband
  14. sun hat or cap
  15. sunglasses
  16. buff scarf (optional)
  17. trekking sandals or slippers, for hut (optional)


Other Gear

  1. Sheet sleeping bag (Hüttenschlafsack), silk or egyptian cotton
  2. washing powder, tiny bit
  3. suncream, min 30 SPF
  4. suncream for lips
  5. soap/shampoo, small
  6. toothbrush and toothpaste, small
  7. Hirschtalgcreme, apply before hiking, prevents blisters (optional)
  8. 1st aid kit, small, incl. compeed
  9. pocket knife
  10. mobile phone and charger. If you always want to have a free socket take a 3-way plug like this one 
  11. map (2 per group)
  12. Double bivouac bag (per 2 persons) or space blanket or light bivouac bag
  13. camera (+charger, flash cards etc) (optional)
  14. headlamp incl. good batteries
  15. rucksack, max. 50 litres
  16. rain cover for rucksack
  17. passport or identity card
  18. Alpenverein membership card
  19. hiking sticks (optional)
  20. drinking bottles, min. 1,5 litres
  21. towel, small
  22. earplugs (optional)
  23. extra plastic bags



  1. bread, Pumpernickel or similar, 400gr
  2. sausages, 200gr
  3. cheese, 300gr
  4. nuts and dried fruit, 300gr
  5. energy bars, 1 per day
  6. fruit/vegetables, for the first few days
  7. teabags (in AV huts you can buy hot water for making tea)
  8. glucose tablets
  9. magnesium tablets





Pack everything in lightweight dry bags or plastic bags so it won't get wet if it rains.



The absolute maximum weight of your rucksack including all water is 1/4 of your body weight or 15 kg, whichever is less. However we don't recommend taking more than 12kg - less for small people!



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