Trip Sheet

Rax via Gamseck-Klettersteig (Rax, Steiermark/Niederösterreich)

Date: Sunday July 28th, 2002

Suggested by: Peter Levenitschnig (0676 35 16 232)

Description: Starting from the valley between Schneealpe and Rax via "Gamseck-Klettersteig" to Rax summit (Heukuppe, 2007m). Either the same route back or descending to Karl-Ludwighaus - Preiner Gscheid, then back to starting point (if we go with at least two cars, driver(s) brought back to starting point). Less known and frequented route, but beautiful landscape and views.

Route: Parking space after Altenberg - Naßkamm - Gamseck-Klettersteig - Heukuppe and back (or down to Karl-Ludwig-Haus - Preiner Gschaid).

Length of activity, difficulty:
High alpine route and difficulty because of Klettersteig. Diff. in elevation: 1000m. Way up appr. 3 hours, down appr. 2 hours.
Klettersteig difficulty A-B (light to medium). Full Klettersteig gear required, going without it only at everybody's own responsibility!
Klettersteig gear can be rented e.g. from ÖAV, Sektion Austria.

Meeting point and ending point: Parking space after Altenberg (end of street, after the last farmhouse at the right)
Meeting time: 8.30 a.m.

Car connections: Wien - Südautobahn - Semmering - Mürzzuschlag - Kapellen - Altenberg a.d.Rax - parking space after Altenberg (end of street). 130km appr.

Car sharing: I can offer car sharing for 3-4 people. Meeting point: U1 station UNcity, exit, side of car tunnel. 7.00 a.m. Please contact me: 0676 35 16232. Perhaps other members could offer car sharing as well if necessary?

Hiking boots, rain jacket, pullover, drinks (at least 2 liters!), snacks (perhaps lunch at Heukuppe).

If the weather report is bad, please enquire if the trip takes place! (0676 35 16 232)