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The ferrata season is opened! on 23 April 2017
organized by Mateusz Zoltak  contact organizer

Title :
The ferrata season is opened!
Date :
Sun 23.04.2017
Type of event :
Klettersteig (Via Ferrata)
Organized by :
Mateusz Zoltak
Description :

Update - registration ended due to high number of participants

If you are interested in the hike please write me an email ( and I will think about organizing something similar.


As it is a beggining of the season the routes are short and easy. We will also focus a little on the technique.

I plan to start with the Wahringersteig which is very short but nice and also a perfect place to practice abseiling.
Then we will go on the Pittentaler Klettersteig which offers a little broader view from ruins of a Turkish castle at the top [1].

You can find some pictures here and here.


Both ferratas are rated C which means an easy climbing [2]. If you are sure footed, free of vertigo and not afraid of using your hands a little, you can do them easily.

No previous ferrata experience is needed for the hike.


  • [required!] a via-ferrata set, a climbing harness and a helmet
    you can rent them from Alpenverein - see here (price list - the whole set is called "Klettersteig Komplettset")
  • [optional] ferrata gloves
    your hands will be grateful
  • shoes - both light hiking shoes and hiking boots are fine


[1] The ruins were built in 19th century to make the place more romantic but whatever :)

[2] Ferratas are graded from A to E (in extreme cases F) where A and B mean some facilities on the route like a ladder or a chain (few ones on A, more on B) but no climbing and C is the first grade where (easy) climbing is required.


Technical requirements :
T2, Rough areas, broken rocks and boulder fields are not a problem for me. I am sure-footed and free of dizziness
Physical requirements :
K1, 2-4 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
~5h all in all / ~3h physical effort; ~400m all in all / ~180m on ferratas
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
via-ferrata set, climbing harness, helmet (see also the "equipment" section in the hike description above)
Transport Details :

The most convenient is to go by car.
3 persons with a car registered already so transport shouldn't be a problem.

We will try to match car owners with people seeking for transport a week before the hike.


Registration until :
Map :
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