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Kampalpe - Windmantel - Tratenkogel on 03 December 2023

organized by Ivan Trpkov  contact organizer
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Title :
Kampalpe - Windmantel - Tratenkogel
Date :
Sun 03.12.2023
Registration starts :
Registration until :
Type of event :
Hike, 1 day
Organized by :
Ivan Trpkov
Description :

Circular winter hike on Kampalpe -  a mountain range in the Rax-Schneeberg group on the border between Lower Austria and Styria, which is less visited compared to its neighbours Raxalpe and Stuhleck, but very interesting one with nice views on the surrounding mountains, if the weather is clear.

The planned route is: Spital am Semmering - Bärenwand (1,047 m) - Kampalpe (1,535 m) - Windmantel (1,534 m) - Tratenkogel (1,565 m)- Spezialistenkluft-Franziskaquelle- Zatzkakapelle-Spital am Semmering.

The hike is only suitable for fit hikers which have previous experience in winter hikes, and snowshoes hikes.

Technical requirements :
T2, Rough areas, broken rocks and boulder fields are not a problem for me. I am sure-footed and free of dizziness
Physical requirements :
K2, 4-7 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
5h, 1000 m
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
Standard winter equipment (multilayered clothing, hat and gloves), good hiking boots, possibly snowshoes, drinks and snacks for the whole day
Transport Details :

We will go by public transport (probably Einfach raus group tickets) or optionally by car

Max participants :
Map :
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