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Drachenwand Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) on 21 May 2023

organized by Ana Acuña-Dengo  contact organizer

Title :
Drachenwand Klettersteig (Via Ferrata)
Date :
Sun 21.05.2023
Registration until :
Type of event :
Klettersteig (Via Ferrata)
Organized by :
Ana Acuña-Dengo
Description :

The Drachenwand via ferrata in the Salzburg area, offers stunning views of the Mondsee lake. The ferrata is rated C (Difficult) and should not be underestimated due to the length (almost 400 metres of climbing) and exposed passages. While the ascent is quick and easy, the descent is rather long and has some exposed passages where “there is no room for mistakes”, so you should have some energy reserves left after the ferrata. Steady footing and a head for heights, as well as good condition and endurance in your arms and legs is required.

You can find the topo, detailed description (in German), and photos here: Drachenwand Klettersteig

We will drive out from Vienna early in the morning and come back on the same day, so I am hoping that we can share the driving (3 hours one way). Our lunch break will be picnic-style, either at the summit or down by the lake, but in any case you should bring your own provisions.

In case of bad weather, the event may be shifted to Saturday or to another weekend.

Pre-requisite: Highly experienced and confident on ferratas with a high level of difficulty - C ferratas should be a breeze for you! For this event, I will only be taking people I know, to be certain that everyone has the required technical skills and condition.

Technical requirements :
T3, I feel fine in difficult technical conditions and have mountain experience. I can manage to climb up and down without a rope on routes of climbing difficulty UIAA grade 1+
Physical requirements :
K2, 4-7 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
4 hours / 560m
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
Harness, via ferrata set, helmet, sling, sturdy shoes, food and water.
Transport Details :

By car, starting in the early morning (6 - 6:30am) from Vienna, and returning on the same day in the evening.

Max participants :
Map :
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