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Last ferrata of the year - cancelled (lockdown) on 04 December 2021

organized by Mateusz Żółtak  contact organizer

Title :
Last ferrata of the year - cancelled (lockdown)
Date :
Sat 04.12.2021
Type of event :
Klettersteig (Via Ferrata)
Organized by :
Mateusz Żółtak
Description :

The primary goal is the Königschusswand Steig (D/E, Rax) but it will be only possible if the weather is favorable (calm, dry, not too cold day and no snow in Rax). If it's not, which is likely, let's switch to something more accessible like the Wildenauersteig (D, Hohe Wand).

Participation criteria:

  • To go on the Königschusswand Steig I must already know you from other event and be sure you can manage. It also lowers the participants limit to 4 people (including myself).
  • The Wildenauersteig is easier. Personally I would say it's not even D although it's untypical (you clip to the steel steps instead of the rope) and short people find it slightly more difficult than tall ones. While ferrata experience is needed, it's enough if you already did a real ferrata (>= C) and you enjoyed it. Here the participants limit will be 6.

It's possible to register only for one route. Just indicate your preferences in the registration form (there's comments field there). If I take another one, you'll be just skipped. Because of that and the differences in the maximum participants number depending on the route please don't get attached to being or not being on the waiting list. I will let you know about your status once the registration ends and weather forecasts for December 4th are available.

Technical requirements :
T3, I feel fine in difficult technical conditions and have mountain experience. I can manage to climb up and down without a rope on routes of climbing difficulty UIAA grade 1+
Physical requirements :
K2, 4-7 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
Königschusswand Steig: 6h, 900m; Wildenauersteig: 3h, 360m
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
ferrrata set, harness, helmet
Transport Details :

By car

Max participants :
Registration until :
Map :
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