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The northern side of Rax - Wildfaehrte and Gamsecksteig on 08 August 2021

organized by Michaela Potancokova  contact organizer

Title :
The northern side of Rax - Wildfaehrte and Gamsecksteig
Date :
Sun 08.08.2021
Type of event :
Klettersteig (Via Ferrata)
Organized by :
Michaela Potancokova
Description :

Two easy klettersteige on the northern, quieter side of Rax make for a nice summer escape into cooler air. This hike is a roundtrip from Hinternasswald. We'd go up Wildfaehrte (B), hike up to Heukuppe if we have time and the weather is on our side. Then we descend through Zahmes Gamseck (Gamsecksteig A/B) and Nassriegel back to Hinternasswald.

Some experience with easy klettersteige is an advantage but in principle this hike is suitable also for beginners. Surefootedness and confidence in rocky terrain are a must - as well as good stamina because it is a rather long hike of 16.1km with quite some altitude gain:

Bring pickinc lunch, snacks and water for the whole day. There is no open hut on the way.

Sunscreen, hat, rainjacket, hiking boots

Participation will only be possible with one of the so-called "3Gs" (either proof of a negative Covid test, vaccination or recovery from a recent covid infection)


Technical requirements :
T3, I feel fine in difficult technical conditions and have mountain experience. I can manage to climb up and down without a rope on routes of climbing difficulty UIAA grade 1+
Physical requirements :
K3, 7-10 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
8 hours, 1500 m
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
via ferrata set, helmet, harness, hiking poles
Transport Details :

by car - I can offer a car but will need a volunteer to drive

This hike is rather long and we will start from Vienna latest at 7am

Max participants :
Registration until :
Map :
Wiener Hausberge
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