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ACV 20th Anniversary Weekend - easy climbing in Peilstein on 21 September 2019

organized by Mateusz Żółtak  contact organizer

Title :
ACV 20th Anniversary Weekend - easy climbing in Peilstein
Date :
Sat 21.09.2019
Type of event :
Organized by :
Mateusz Żółtak
Description :

Peilstein offers plenty climbing routes of diverse difficulties and giving an opportunity to try out an outdoor climbing sounds like a good celebration of the mountain club anniversary :-)

I will set up a single pitch top rope on a route of difficulty between UIAA 3 and 4+ and belay everyone who would like to try his/her luck. It is very likely we will change a route few times during the day (because we will get bored or to adjust difficulty or to allow other climbers to climb them).

As only one person can climb at a time and climbing can take from 5 to 15 minutes the troughput will be limited. If the number of people wanting to try out their climbing skills will be large we will end up with a queue. Therefore either be preparred for waiting or take part in another anniversary hike and join this event when you reach Peilstein. I will set up some aid (Doodle or something like that) to help us with time scheduling.

This event is suitable for people who do not consider themselves climbers. It would be beneficial if you were at least once in the climbing gym but if you are fit, healthy and not afraid of heights you should be fine as well. In worse case you will get stucked and I will slowly lower you down.


You do not need your own harness and helmet. I will provide them in few sizes. Of course if you prefer your own, feel free to bring them with you.

For the difficulties we are aiming at you do not necesarilly need climbing shoes. If you have them, bring them (I will not provide them). If you do not, take any low sports shoes (e.g. approach shoes or simply sneakers).

A remark for climbers

If you are a climber you will simply find an UIAA 3 to 4+ top rope boring. Of course you are more than welcomed to come with your own partner and climb something more ambitious next to us. What would be even more welcomed is if you can set up another top rope on another easy route and offer belayed climbing to others.

Technical requirements :
T3, I feel fine in difficult technical conditions and have mountain experience. I can manage to climb up and down without a rope on routes of climbing difficulty UIAA grade 1+
Physical requirements :
K1, 2-4 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
15 minutes, up to 30 m elevation gain
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
Take your own harness and/or helmet if you have them. If you don't, I'll have gear for you.
Transport Details :

We are starting at 12:00 from the parking lot closest to the Peilsteinhaus.

I will tell you immidiately after the registration if we have any free places in the car.

Max participants :
Registration until :
Map :
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