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ACV 20th Anniversary Weekend (Option 1) on 21 September 2019

organized by Roger Starkie  contact organizer
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Title :
ACV 20th Anniversary Weekend (Option 1)
Date :
Sat 21.09.2019
Type of event :
Organized by :
Roger Starkie
Description :

Back in September 1999, the first meeting of the Alpine Club Vienna took place.  This means that in September 2019, we will be 20 years old - time for a celebration!

Similar to our 10 year celebration, we will organise a weekend at a hut near Vienna, where we can do various activities during the days, and on the Saturday later in the afternoon through the evening, we can celebrate together!

The options currently under consideration are the weekends 21st-22nd September or the 28th-29th September, at either the Hubertushaus on the Hohe Wand, or the Peilsteinhaus on the Peilstein. Both are within an hour or so's drive from Vienna, and are reachable with a short walk of about an hour at most (although longer variants are also possible).  They are also reachable via public transport, although with a slightly longer walk (maybe up to 2 hours?).

Both huts would be able to offer us accommodation and a party for the above weekends (don't worry, we won't have to go to bed at 10pm, but, contrary to our 10 year party, it will not be possible to celebrate though the whole night - it shouldn't be a problem until about midnight though, as long as we don't disturb other guests) - here is a summary of what we can expect from each hut:

Hubertushaus, Hohe Wand:

  • Offers accommodation for 25 people, so is relatively limited. But it should also be possible to pitch a tent nearby if more beds are required.
  • Would offer a "Kistnbrat'l" for dinner, if we are >20 persons. This is a special type of roast pork.  I am sure there would be other options if necessary though.
  • Plenty of opportunities for Hiking (shorter and longer hikes of varying difficulties), Via-Ferratas and Climbing

Peilsteinhaus, Peilstein

  • Offers accommodation for 56 people in the hut
  • Food and drink would be their normal a-la-carte menu
  • Also plenty of hiking and climbing near the hut, although Via-Ferrata possibilities are a bit more limited (only 2 are listed in
  • The hut could offer climbing courses if there is any interest
  • Theoretically possible to hike from Vienna (Rodaun) to the hut on the Saturday (and/or back on Sunday) - although this might be quite tiring before or after the party.... but it's an option we can consider!

So, both huts have their advantages and disadvantages.

I have created a survey to gauge interest and preferences for the weekend if you are interested in taking part - please fill in the survey by Friday 15th March. Note that by filling in the survey you are not committing to take part - you are just expressing your interest. Also, if you don't fill in the survey, you can still register for the weekend!

Once it has been finalised which option will be taken, we will open registration.  Please note though that contrary to our usual practise of "first come, first served" for registrations, initial priority will be given to more active and long-term members of the ACV.

Note that it is also possible to take part in the celebration without taking part in the other optional activities (apart from walking to the hut - it is not possible to drive to them).  Seperate tripsheets will then be written for the various activities (volunteers for organising activities are very welcome - please contact me first!)


Technical requirements :
No requirements
Physical requirements :
K1, 2-4 hours / day; up and down
Duration in hours and
elevation gain :
Max. altitude in metres :
Equipment :
Depends on the optional activities. Sheet sleeping bag for the hut.
Transport Details :

More details of transport will be give once the final option is decided.

Max participants :
Registration until :
Map :
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