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Alpine Activities in Times of Corona

Update 1.5.2022: Currently there are no particular limitations which affect our activities or meetings. The Alpenverein does though recommend the use FFP2 masks for indoor events and meetings, and the usual measures to avoid transmission (not shaking hands, kisses on the summit, sharing drinking bottles etc)


Note about staying in mountain huts

(see original german information here):

The requirements from last year to have a reservation for the huts, and to bring a warmer sleeping bag instead of a "Hüttenschlafsack" (light, cotton or silk sleeaping bag liner) have now been lifted. Huts may now make blankets available. It is now sufficient to just bring a "Hüttenschlafsack" again. Even though reservations are no longer compulsory, due to Covid regulations, it is still recommended to reserve your sleeping places in advance - a lot of huts are not happy when people arrive without reservations.

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