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Participation in an Alpine Club Vienna (ACV) event is understood as acceptance by the participant of the following:

  • Valid membership in the Austrian Alpenverein (OeAV) is required to participate in Alpine Club Vienna events except when membership is expressly stated in the trip sheet as not required.

  • Insurance is provided through the Worldwide Service of the OeAV. This International Sport & Leisure insurance is included in the annual OeAV membership fee. The benefits & exclusions are listed in an English language brochure available from ACV and on the ACV website.

  • Program changes made by organizers due to weather or other conditions are without recourse.

  • Increased risk of accidents and injuries exists in outdoor and mountain activities. This risk cannot be completely excluded even with careful assistance by ACV organizers.

  • Participants must assume this risk by themselves. In order to keep this risk to a minimum, it is up to each participant to judge their own abilities and physical condition and to participate only in activities that are suited to their abilities, physical condition and equipment.

  • Participants must inform the event organizer before the start of the event about any impairment, health problems or other issues which could influence the course of the event.

  • The organizer has the right to exclude the participant from activities when in the opinion of the organizer the participant does not meet the necessary requirements for the advertised activities.

  • Participants under age 18 must present to the event organizer a written letter from their legal guardian granting permission to participate in the event.



Technical Requirements –

T – for Hikes, High-alpine tours,Treks, Klettersteig (Via Ferrata), Rock climbing, Snowshoe hikes.

T1 I can move myself surefootedly on trails and narrow foot-paths.

T2 Rough areas, broken rocks and boulder fields are not a problem for me. I am sure-footed and free of dizziness.

T3 I feel fine in difficult technical conditions and have mountain experience. I can manage to climb problem-free up and down without a rope on routes of climbing difficulty UIAA grade 1+.

ST – Skiing Technique for Ski-touring, Ski-technique courses, Ski weeks

ST1 On RED pistes I ski confidently with parallel skiing technique. Off piste I am inexperienced.

ST2 Every BLACK piste I manage confidently and in control. Off piste I don't get nervous in sparsely wooded sections or steeper slopes.

ST3 Also in difficult conditions, BLACK pistes are no problem for me. Off piste I prefer steep runs and narrow situations (thick woods, gullies).

Additional ratings and remarks:

Rock climbing — Climbing grades UIAA: 2 – 11
Ice climbing:— WI 1 – WI 6
Klettersteig — rating scale A – E
Ice and firn slopes — slope angle in degrees °

Supplemmentary information (examples)

Confident skiing off piste.
Safe walking with crampons
Experience / tolerance with heights above xxxx metres

Physical-condition Requirements

Baseline values for hourly ratings are either 400 metres height or 4 km distance. (Pauses not included !)

K – requirements for all tours/events

K1 2 – 4 hours / day; up and down

K2 4 – 7 hours / day; up and down

K3 7 – 10 hours / day; up and down


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