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Archive events 2017

Date Type of event Title Organized by
Sat 07.01.2017 Course Avalanche Rescue Management Course (T1 K2)
registration open
Official Alpenverein Course / Thomas Baumgartner
2017-01-09Mon 09.01.2017 Meeting January Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2017-01-14Sat 14.01.2017 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Trying out a ferrata in winter (on Hohe Wand) (T3 K2) Mateusz Zoltak
2017-01-22Sun 22.01.2017 Hike, 1 day Vienna Wood Explorations with a spot of culture at the end.. (T1 K2) Katharina Wallner
2017-01-28Sat 28.01.2017 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Haidsteig in winter (T3 K3) Mateusz Zoltak
2017-01-29Sun 29.01.2017 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe hike Rax (Moderate Pace) (T2 K1) Peter Levenitschnig
Sat 04.02.2017 Course Avalanche Awareness - "Stop or Go" course (T2 K2)
registration open
Official Alpenverein Course / Michael Merstallinger
2017-02-06Mon 06.02.2017 Meeting February Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2017-02-12Sun 12.02.2017 Snowshoe, 1 day Moonlight snowshoe hike Pretulalpe - Moderate pace - Because of lack of snow shortened to 1-day hike (T2 K2) Peter Levenitschnig
2017-02-19Sun 19.02.2017 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe Unterberg - Moderate pace - (T2 K2) Peter Levenitschnig
2017-02-26Sun 26.02.2017 Snowshoe, 1 day Snowshoe day (T2 K2) Emile Schenk
Sat 04.03.2017 Ski Tour Ski Tour Lachalpe (nearby Neuberg/Mürz) (T2 K2) Heinrich Einzinger
2017-03-06Mon 06.03.2017 Meeting March Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2017-03-10Fri 10.03.2017 Snowshoe, 2 days Snowshoe and Sauna weekend - Gesäuse (T2 K3) Roger Starkie
2017-03-11Sat 11.03.2017 Snowshoe, 2 days Moonlight snowshoe hike Pretulalpe - Moderate pace - CANCELLED ! (T2 K2) Peter Levenitschnig
2017-03-18Sat 18.03.2017 Ski Tour Lachalpe (T2 K2) Heinrich Einzinger
2017-03-19Sun 19.03.2017 Hike, 1 day Semmering Railwaypath & Sonnwendstein (T2 K2) Katharina Wallner
2017-03-26Sun 26.03.2017 Hike, 1 day Bärlauch Hike (T1 K1) Ann Hartell
Sat 01.04.2017 Hike, 1 day Hike: As hi as possible (T2 K2) Emile Schenk
2017-04-03Mon 03.04.2017 Meeting April Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2017-04-09Sun 09.04.2017 Hike, 1 day Hike: Lilienfeld Area (T2 K2) Roger Starkie
2017-04-18Tue 18.04.2017 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) Test Day (T1 K1) Alpenverein Austria with Salewa
2017-04-23Sun 23.04.2017 Klettersteig (Via Ferrata) The ferrata season is opened! (T2 K1) Mateusz Zoltak
2017-04-25Tue 25.04.2017 Course Indoor climbing course (T0 K0) Official Alpenverein Course
2017-04-30Sun 30.04.2017 Hike, 1 day Semmering Railway Path & Sonnwendstein (T2 K2) Katharina Wallner
Sat 06.05.2017 Hike, 1 day Zeller Hüte Traverse (T2 K2) Annemarie & Roland
2017-05-08Mon 08.05.2017 Meeting May Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2017-05-13Sat 13.05.2017 Course First aid in the mountains (T1 K1)
registration open
Official Alpenverein course / Ferdinand Hirss
2017-05-20Sat 20.05.2017 Hike, 2 days Ötscher Rauher Kamm (T2 K3) Harvey Goldstein
2017-05-28Sun 28.05.2017 Hike, 1 day Blooming Meadows: Paulmauer / Türnitzer Alpen - Moderate Pace - CANCELLED! (T1 K1) Peter Levenitschnig
Sat 10.06.2017 Course Klettersteig (Via-Ferrata) Course (T2 K2)
registration open
Christoph Velisek, Sunshine Tours
2017-06-10Sat 10.06.2017 Bike Tour Cycling in Southern Moravia (T1 K2) Zuzanna Brzozowska & Mateusz Zoltak
2017-06-12Mon 12.06.2017 Meeting June Meeting (T0 K0) Roger Starkie
2017-06-18Sun 18.06.2017 Hike, 1 day A Rax Classic: Preiner Gscheid - Preiner Wand (T2 K3) Katharina Wallner
2017-06-18Sun 18.06.2017 Hike (Hut Trek), 3+ days Alpe Adria Trail (T2 K3) Olga Täubler
2017-06-24Sat 24.06.2017 Course Basic education on rock and ice (T2 K2)
registration open
Official Alpenverein Course / Martin Scherr
2017-06-25Sun 25.06.2017 Hike, 1 day Andrea Brandstetter Memorial Hike in the Vienna Woods (T1 K1) Matthias Kaspar
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