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Monday 6 JULY
The annual GRILL PARTY on the Danube replaces an indoor meeting. See the right hand column and the trip sheet for all the details. Bring your food and appetite. We supply the cooking fire
07 Jun 2015

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Alpine Club Vienna

Group Activities

The Alpine Club Vienna – a branch of the Alpine Federation OEAV, Section Austria – is a club that provides English speaking people living in Vienna to “get outside and get involved” in Austria. The group was founded in 1995, bringing together two groups of people. Non natives to Austria whose German is not quite where they would like it to be, and Natives of Austria who enjoy an English Speaking Club. In a true win-win situation, these two sides meet and explore what the Alpine environment offers, mutually sharing a love and commitment to the outdoors.

Regular meetings and events are the backbone of the club, and spontaneous events add even more opportunities to get outside and get involved. The club is formed from 100% volunteers and works with a “friends inviting friends” guiding principle. We are not tour guides, and we do not offer our services for a fee. However, we can bring you into contact with individuals who do just this.
Each leader agrees to lead one or more events throughout the year. They plan it, and share their experience with the rest of us.

Latest Club News

Monday 6 JULY Grill Party

 Bring your favorites for grilling and join us at our annual grill party. Se the trip sheet for details.

29 Jun 2015

June Presentation


Dhaulagiri Nepal

By: Oskar Kernstock
A trekking tour
around the Dhaulagiri and visits to old town Kathmandu.
The Dhaulagiri ("White Mo
untain") with a height of 8.167 m is the seventh highest mountain of the world.
Ossi Kernstock spent three weeks with a trekking group from the Alpenverein around this beautiful su
mmit. They crossed passes up to 5.300 metres and their accommodations for 14 days were their tents.
Ossi will show his impressions of this country and the living conditions of the people with pictures and short videos. We will see both the high mountains, but also pictures about the culture and life in Nepal.

And, of course because of the horrible earthquake – the pictures of the old part of Kathmandu show all the b
eautiful temples which are now more or less destroyed! So many people lost their houses. A children’s village that the group visited was also demolished. We will be asking for a donation to help rebuild  that Children's Village: 


27 May 2015

Latest Group News

Events -- Trip Sheet Links

TRIP SHEETS for events can be found by clicking  HERE which will take you to an explanation about ratings & participation in our events and then a listing of this year's events.


6 JUL Grill Party on the Danube

24-26 JUL HIKE Warscheneck & Wurzeralm Weekend T3-K2

31 JUL-2 AUG High Alpine Tour to Johannisberg 3453 m.T3-K2

8-15 AUG  Hut-to-Hut  Lasörling Höhenweg T3-K3

16 AUG  BIKE TOUR - Onion Festival R2-K1

11-14 SEP HIKE Olympic Mountains near Sarajevo T2-K2

19-20 SEP HIKE Weekend Hochschwab


26-27 SEP  First Aid for Mountain Travelers When Professional Help Is More Than An Hour Away   Taught By: Dr. Ferdinand Hirss


Sat. 14 NOV The Appalachian Trail: A Great American Pilgrimage
By: Kevin Fox & Sonia Ibáñez     
An adventure of 5 months and 3500 km.

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27 May 2014