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The Next Meeting

Mon. 5 May 7PM.
Alpenvereinshaus Rotenturmstr.14.  Vienna 1st District.  Follow signs to meeting room "Saal 1". See the link below for a map.

01 Apr 2014

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Alpine Club Vienna

Group Activities

The Alpine Club Vienna – a branch of the Alpine Federation OEAV, Section Austria – is a club that provides English speaking people living in Vienna to “get outside and get involved” in Austria. The group was founded in 1995, bringing together two groups of people. Non natives to Austria whose German is not quite where they would like it to be, and Natives of Austria who enjoy an English Speaking Club. In a true win-win situation, these two sides meet and explore what the Alpine environment offers, mutually sharing a love and commitment to the outdoors.

Regular meetings and events are the backbone of the club, and spontaneous events add even more opportunities to get outside and get involved. The club is formed from 100% volunteers and works with a “friends inviting friends” guiding principle. We are not tour guides, and we do not offer our services for a fee. However, we can bring you into contact with individuals who do just this.
Each leader agrees to lead one or more events throughout the year. They plan it, and share their experience with the rest of us.

Latest Club News

April Meeting & Presentation



By: Christoph Seidlböck & Gudrun Wakolbinger

Join us on a backpacking trip from Hanoi in the North along the scenic coastline to Ho Chi Min City (HCMC) in the South. On various (motor-) bike and boat trips we enjoyed land, culture, people and cuisine of this wonderful country. And yes, we couldn't help but to do a little rock climbing also.




01 Apr 2014

February Meeting & Presentation

Ice Climbing Adventures in North America


Ice climbing is one of the main disciplines of mountaineering.  The terrain ranges from relatively low angle glaciers to reach mountain summits to climbing vertical frozen waterfalls.  In this presentation Harvey will share some of his ice climbing experiences with slides and discussion of what makes ice climbing rather special.  As a bonus Harvey will also show slides of a recent mixed snow, rock, and ice ascent of Piz Roseg in Switzerland.


27 Jan 2014

Latest Group News

Events -- Trip Sheet Links

TRIP SHEETS for events can be found by clicking  HERE which will take you to an explanation about ratings & participation in our events and then a listing of this year's events.


17-22 May -- Trip to Olympos, Greece

17-18 May --HIKE --  Lunz am See - Dürrenstein - Zbbstalerhütte

03 Oct 2013

Indoor Climbing

Indoor hall climbing usually every Tuesday evening with a social (re-hydration & eating) session following the climbing. For more information email:

07 Nov 2011